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Graduation dress shoes?

ok well i had all my 8th grade graduation stuff except the shoes. when i told my dad i couldnt just wear my normal shoes to this (idk why its just 8th grade, come on) and he was like oh thats fine i have a pair that you could wear that ive never used! when i got them i was like no way -_-. anyway i have to wear them now and they look about like this http://www.famousfootwear.com/product.as... does that not look pointy like cowboy boots??? i cant stand how they look and i know people are going to give me **** (im a guy if you cant tell by the shoes)

Graduation dress shoes?
they actually aren%26#039;t that bad. when you have on your suit and handsome face no one will care about the shoes. trust me they aren%26#039;t horrible. i bet most 8th graders actually are wearing the ssame thing
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Reply:yea they look fine;

some guys i kno wore loafers and stuff to grad.

but your shoes are way cooler.

wear them i like them and they look nice and dressy.
Reply:Don%26#039;t whine...but just try to be very NICE, at the same time very frank, and tell your dad that the shoes look very good for someone older, a mature adult man, but they%26#039;re not really what is being worn by boys your age. Say something like, dad, can%26#039;t you remember when you were young and how important it was to fit in...i.e., not stand out...well, tell him you%26#039;ll do chores, wash his car, cut the grass, or whatever (you will know), if he would please %26quot;loan%26quot; you the money to purchase a pair of shoes for graduation like the ones your contemporaries will ALL be wearing. Good luck.

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I have a pink dress, what shoes, jewelry, and make up would look best?

its a grade 8 grad and i have a nice pink dress with a little bit of sparkles it hits mid calf and its poofyish if you have any good stores or pictures of shoes and/or jewlery please tell me also if you have any hair or makeup tips that would be great. :)

I have a pink dress, what shoes, jewelry, and make up would look best?
i suggest that you get some white shorter heeled high heels( maybe 2 inches) then for your hair you should do maybe an updo or a bun with some of your hair straggling a little in the front. and then for the makeup just use natural colors (lite pinks tans etc. and then put on some waterproof mascara and eyeliner and you%26#039;ll be set! hope this helps!
Reply:Try something from Tiffany%26#039;s! They have a great selection of jewlery. Tyr this necklace


You should get shoes that match the color of the sparkles. Try Jimmy Choo!


For your hair, you should get it professionally done. It all depends on your hair color, texture, and legnth. An updo would be very pretty. For make up, you should go with rosy colors.

For eyeshadow-


For Lipgloss-


For blush-


Reply:Deff. go to Urban Outfitters and Bebe! My favess %26lt;3 email me at smileymileymc@yahoo.com...

Reply:claire%26#039;s always have the best things ever. if you have very fair skin, try silver-toned or white gold jewelry. if you have beige to olive skin tone, try yellow or copper -toned jewelry. for make-up, keep it light. you%26#039;re still young, you%26#039;ll have tons of time to wear heavy make-up. for the hair, its always nice to have either soft curls or waves for a really fun and fresh look.

have fun dressing up and congratulations:)
Reply:flats are really in this year, if you are tall enough a cute little pair of strappy silver or white ones would look good with pink. I am too short... so i almost always wear a heel or wedge, but can still go strappy!

You can get really cute jewelry really affordable at small shops like claire%26#039;s, afterthoughts, or even target.
Reply:go for nice silver heels not to high and silver jewlery try a macys
Reply:you should visit www.gojane.com they have some really cute shoes and they%26#039;re affordable. Dont wear heels that are too high, you dont want to be uncomfortable. you should wear light makeup try gold and pink gold for your eyes and pink for your lips oh and some mascara. wear your hair up.. well hope this helped
Reply:try claires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:silver stappy shoes would look good with it
Reply:For make up it doens%26#039;t have to match your dress, it all has to do with your skin color, and your eyes and even hair. like if you have fair skin and brown eyes, then use, purples,pinks,browns, and bronze. %26lt;3krista

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What shoes should i wear with my brown jumper dress??

I have a brown jumper dress, what shoes should i wear and should i wear a waist belt with it??mif so what colour?

What shoes should i wear with my brown jumper dress??
NOT BROWN FLATS. try something with more color, such as red, pink, or gold.
Reply:maybe brown flats of sandals. even tights with boots..such as uggs...look good with that. i see people wearing it all the time


Is this dress too short? to wear with these shoes?



Shoes: (obviously, in the brown, not the silver color!)


Is this dress too short? to wear with these shoes?
I don%26#039;t think so at all!!! I think that is a wicked cute outfit!! Rock it out girl!!!
Reply:No. Why would it be too short?
Reply:No... I think that would look great together!

That dress is seriously nice, and so are the shoes.
Reply:no go for it that outfit is CUTE. i may have to buy it too!! :)
Reply:I think it will look spectacular.Cute shoes girl!
Reply:unless you are tall with really long legs don%26#039;t worry about it.

The outfit is cute but make sure you wear panties and are carefull getting in and out of cars and watch how you hold your legs when you sit.

Real people get arrested for flashing their private stuff in public and I%26#039;d hate for you to have one of those embarrassing Britany Spears or Paris Hilton flashing type moments.
Reply:That is a gorgeous dress and the shoes r cool, but i wouldnt wear them together. They are kind of 2 different styles. I would recommend u wear a pair of slim heeled shoes with it.
Reply:u should do it, i think they would so cute together. i%26#039;d wear it :]
Reply:No! It%26#039;s awesomeeeeeeeee = ]
Reply:not at all.

the shoes are a really cute wedge, so i think it adds a fun, more casual look to the dress.

doesn%26#039;t scream %26quot;hooker%26quot; AT ALL!!!

have a fun!
Reply:Not at all think its a perfect look.
Reply:It is a really cute dress and I like the shoes but I think the combination depends on where you are going to wear it, if your just hanging out with some friends or hitting the clubs it will be a huge hit but, if you are planning on wearing this to to something a little more formal I would go with some heels.

The dress is great you could dress it up or down so either way I would hang onto that one.
Reply:no it should be ok but wear panties w/ it
Reply:It depends on your height, but I think it looks cute. Its worth a try, if it looks %26#039;off%26#039; in person you can always change it.
Reply:nah dat outfit is realli nice, but maybe consider a stiletto heel instead of a wedge...
Reply:no, i think it%26#039;s great!
Reply:eclectic =) nice
Reply:no but it all depends on ur hight and the outfit is very cute
Reply:what dress how dose it look
Reply:that is a really cute outfit! love it.
Reply:no i would definately wear it!! it is so cute!!!! just watch cause if you%26#039;re real tall (like 6ft) it will look your legs look longer and your dress super short..but i would wear it =)

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8th Grade Grad Dress and shoes?

dress........... it can be strapless or spagetti strap it dosent matter, price doesnt rly matter just under lyk $200, our gowns are yellow so make sure it would look ok with that

shoes........... make sure there under 2 inches


8th Grade Grad Dress and shoes?
maceys is a good place to find a dress thats were i got my graduation dress and it was only 100 and shoes you can get at payless for like 20

OMG I LUV THAT DRESS............if u dont buy it i will
Reply:Try Macys! They ALWAYS have sales!

You could proably find something under $50 dress and shoes!
Reply:Here are some REALlY cute ones :




And you can check out this website and if you dont like the ones above you can take a look at these:


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How to match dress, hat & shoes?

I%26#039;m going to the Races, I have a black dress, with a light pink coloured beaded/sequined design running down the front of it. Can I wear a silver coloured hat decorated with pink/black/silver feathers, and silver shoes? Would this be ok?? And black or silver hand bag? Feel free to suggest any other options.

How to match dress, hat %26amp; shoes?
what you have in mind sounds cute. you should stick to it.


Prom: wearing a medium purple dress with gold shoes. what color clutch though?

So I%26#039;m going to prom and I%26#039;m wearing a beautiful medium/dark purple dress with a soft gold metallic shoe.

what color clutch should I get though? I was thinking goldish/champagne type.

and pattern? is it okay to get a gently patterned clutch since my dress and shoes are solid?

thanks for you help everyone = )

Prom: wearing a medium purple dress with gold shoes. what color clutch though?
you should get

a gold clutch that matches your shoes.

and gold jewelry .

so it wont be just purple %26lt;3

yu%26#039;ll look soooo cute !
Reply:Yeah I would go with a gold or champagne colored clutch to match your shoes, any other color would look odd %26amp; it would be too many colors for the outfit. Depends on what the pattern would be. As long as it isn%26#039;t a color away from gold or the color of your dress I would say yes. %26amp; do you have gold jewelry to match your shoes? That would look great!
Reply:yup go with the gold. pattern is fine, but it just cant be so different that it looks bad.
Reply:You should get a gold clutch, maybe with sparkles.
Reply:I think a clutch that%26#039;s the same color as your shoes with a subtle pattern.
Reply:purple and gold?
Reply:I might get a black clutch. Maybe a few beads to give it added intrest. Champaign might look good unless it was too red, then it wouldn%26#039;t match. Gold findings on whatever clutch you get will help tie it into your outfit. So I would recomend looking for a black and gold clutch. A black and Gold clutch you could use again too!
Reply:Yeah, a colour that will blend with your shoes will look good. And I think a patterned clutch will look fine with a solid dress. :)
Reply:I would go with a BOLD PLAIN gold clutch pattern may get a little crazy but whear your outfit to a store and try some cool fun ones out!
Reply:a gold clutch would look nice.

Patterned would especially look nice.

Go for it ^-^